Quality Scaffolding Towers: Youngman Minimax Alloy Tower Review

Scaffolding towers are structures that are used in situations where ordinary, traditional scaffolds would not suffice. They are more versatile, easier to use and easier to transport than scaffolds. Scaffold towers are static structures equipped with casters that make them very easy to move. If cost is a consideration, it’s often less expensive to buy a scaffold tower than it is to hire scaffolding from a contracting firm. Many DIYers prefer scaffold towers to ladders because they are safer and more comfortable to stand on for extended periods. Here’s some information about a scaffolding tower system by Youngman: the Minimax alloy tower cheap heras fencing for sale.

About the Youngman Minimax Alloy

This model scaffolding tower is 3.7m (12ft2) high. Youngman is the industry leader in compact, easy to use towers. Their towers are manufactured according to the latest European, industry-wide standards, so you can be assured your tower will be sound and secure. Youngman towers of this type conform to the HD 1004 Class 3 standard and use a unique component assembly method, called a “Quick-click” system. Quick-click components enable users to acquire a quality mobile tower that’s very easy to put up and take down, and that stows compactly into a small van or on a car’s roof rack. These towers assemble in minutes. You can expect years of trouble-free use from a Youngman scaffolding tower.

Features of the Youngman Minimax Alloy

The tower comes in the form of a kit that includes a base unit along with extra guardrail frames. Braces for indoor use are included in the kit, but if you want stabilisers, you’ll need to buy those separately. Youngman does recommend that a set of 4 stabilisers be used for outdoor applications where the wind may be a factor. This tower will allow you to stand at the maximum platform height of 1.7m (5ft7), giving a full working height or reach of 3.7m (12ft2). The platform width is a generous 700mm (27.5in). This is a modular system that can easily be expanded in the future. Components include a base pack, 2m extension pack, handrail pack and stabiliser pack. Manufactured by the biggest name in scaffolding towers, SGB Youngman, you can expect years of trouble-free service. With a.87 metre platform height and locking casters, this scaffold weighs only 34kg. The Minimax is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications and the product line is the most versatile tower system available today. They are sized to fit through standard doorways and corridors. Another important feature is that these towers can easily be erected by a single person. Finally, the rungs of the tower sections are spaced 260mm apart to allow for safe climbing.

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